Boulder: Impact Fee Increases Approved

At the same meeting, the Boulder City Council increased capital facility impact fees (parks & rec, library, fire, police, municipal facilities and human services) and transportation excise tax, and created a new transportation impact fee. The fee increases will apply to both residential and commercial developments.

A prototypical residential development is a 3-unit townhome building. For this prototype, the total amount of fees and taxes paid by a developer will increase from approximately $180,000 to $190,000. Boulder’s impact fees are already higher than most other Northern Colorado communities. Adding the housing excise tax and inclusionary cash-in-lieu fee, the increase means Boulder’s residential development fees and taxes will be more than twice as much as those charged in other regional cities. Commercial developers already pay more to build in Boulder than elsewhere in Colorado and substantially more than many cities across the country, including Seattle and Ann Arbor.

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