The Power Of Prospect Searches

Got a hot buyer who needs a place immediately? Need to nurture a lead that might beppsss ready to buy next year? Maybe your client would like to see investment opportunities that become available.  Or perhaps they would like to see sold properties in their neighborhood so they are prepared when they are ready to sell.

All those needs can be met with IRESis Automated Prospect Searches!

How Do I Get There?

If you are working hard and manually searching for listings on the Listing Search screen, create-prospectsave your precious time and automate that search. In the toolbar, simply click Prospects then Create as Prospect.  Or, if you are setting up a search for the first time, click the Contacts + menu and select Contacts & Prospects.

What Do I Do Once I Get There?

defineNew, Back on Market and Price Changed listings are sent automatically to your clients without you lifting a finger. But if you have a seller (or buyer) who wants to see Sold listings or any other status change to get a good feel for their neighborhood or area of interest, select those options, too.


scheduleDoes your buyer need a place immediately in this low inventory market? Select “Instantly” which emails listings within minutes of being entered into IRESis. To nurture a lead, offer to send listings once a week or once a month. This allows you to keep in touch, familiarize them with the market, and keep your contact information in front of them.


notifyDon’t forget the icing on the cake: MySite! Each time listings match they are posted to a site created just for your client. They can see informative listing details, rate listings, write notes, and contact you. And you can watch their activity with the MySite Summary report, delivered to your Inbox each morning. Now, that is power.

All the great search features you are familiar with are also in Prospects. Click on the Basic Criteria, Features and Map Search tabs to customize the search for your client. Choose the Income Property type to find investment properties. Pull only new construction or eliminate it.  Zero in on your location using the Map Search. It’s all there.

All this at what price?  All this power is available at no additional cost, so tap into it today.

How Do I Learn More?

  • Check our Training Calendar for an upcoming “Automated Client Searches with Email & MySite” class.

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