Longmont: Windy Gap Water Survey

The survey results are in, and sadly there are no surprises. Earlier this year the City Council directed the staff to survey Longmont citizens regarding three possible options to finance the City’s participation in the Windy Gap project, which includes the Chimney Hollow reservoir near Carter Lake.

Predictably, none of the three options received strong support from the 848 respondents. 46 percent preferred Option One (pay cash with additional water rate increases from 2017-2018). Option Two, a combination of cash and debt financing, received 40 percent support and Option Three, a combination of cash and $16.7 million in debt financing had the lowest support at 23 percent. A majority of residents opposed all three options.

All of the options would require some level of water rate increases and this is why the results should not shock anyone. Ask any rate payer if they want to increase their water bills and they will not be happy. The City Council was elected to make policy decisions and spending money on a survey for this issue was unnecessary. At tonight’s City Council meeting (Oct. 25), the Council will have to make the decision themselves – as they should have in the first place.

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