Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Policy Committee Looks Towards 2017 Session

CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) discussed key issues it will likely address in the upcoming session. First on the list was the Division of Real Estate’s sunset review. The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will issue a report in November outlining any regulatory changes it recommends. CAR recommend changes to continuing education (45 credits over a three-year compliance period) as well as changes in the composition of the Real Estate Commission (fewer real estate attorneys). Ultimately any changes DORA supports will be introduced as legislation during the 2017 session.

The LPC also discussed construction defects. The HOA is waiting to see the results of the November 8 election which will determine the leadership of the House and Senate. Most observers believe Crisanta Duran will be elected Speaker of the House assuming the Democrats retain their majority. She has already indicated that she wants to create a stakeholder group to study construction defects, which could improve the chances that a bill (or bills) could be introduced in 2017.

Home inspector licensing legislation will be introduced again this session. DORA’s sunrise review, which recommended licensing, will expire in 2018, so this is a critical time to get a bill passed. While it is thought that Senator Nancy Todd will sponsor a bill this year, no one knows what it will look like or if Senate Republicans will be more inclined to support it than the leadership has been in the past.

Finally, CAR’s Vice President of Public Policy, Ted Leighty, asked the LPC to support a motion to pursue squatter legislation. The Nevada legislature passed a bill pertaining to this issue last year and CAR staff is reviewing it to see if its provisions could be applicable in Colorado. The law would basically solve the problem of how to remove unlawful squatters who occupy properties. The feasibility of the legislation and the extent to which it is a problem in our state will be determined before the session begins in January.

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