Larimer County: Commissioners Place Arts, Culture and Science Tax Measure on Ballot

Larimer County voters will determine the fate of a proposed tenth-of-a-percent sales tax to fund arts, culture and science in Larimer County this November. Almost 12,000 signatures were submitted to the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder in July to support the measure. The Larimer County Commission formally approved the measure for the November ballot.

The taxing district is expected to raise about $6.7 million annually, which would be used as a dedicated funding stream for arts, science and cultural programs in the county. The tax equals a penny on a $10 purchase of taxed goods. It would sunset in 10 years. Supporters argue the district is a quality of life measure, much like the proposed behavioral health center, which is also on the November ballot. The idea is modeled after the Denver metro area’s scientific and cultural facilities district, which was established in 1989.

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