Greeley: GARA Supports 3A

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to support a proposed 10.34 mill levy override (MLO) which will appear on the November ballot as ballot measure 3A. If it passes, it would give the Greeley-Evans School District 6 $12 million a year for seven years. This equates to an additional $540 per student, per year.

District 6 is one of two large school districts (10,000 kids or more) in Colorado that does not have a MLO in place to augment state funding. K-12 funding from the State of Colorado is limited and the District, under the leadership of Superintendent Deidre Pilch has cut its budget by $1 million a year by reducing administrative and operational costs. The District has asked voters to approve a MLO several times in the past without success. This MLO has a sunset of 7 years, after which it would expire.

This proposal allocates the revenues specifically to four general areas: $2 million for safety and security (new buses and security cameras for the high schools), $3 million for personnel (staff and teachers), $4.2 million for learning programs (new textbooks, technology and expanded career and college readiness programs) and $2.8 million for charter schools. The District will publish monthly and annual reports for public review.

For the owner of a home assessed at $200,000, the MLO would add $13.72 a month to the property tax bill. For a home assessed at $300,000, the owner would pay about $20 extra in property taxes per month.

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