Greeley: Survey Will Help City Plan

According to the results of the City’s July community survey, most residents see the economy and quality of life as stable or improving. Most respondents are satisfied with the amount of growth in Greeley and the amenities the community offers. In an interesting twist, affordable housing and entertainment options were identified as lacking.

One in four respondents over the age of 21 were new to Greeley, having lived in the community less than five years. These residents indicated employment and affordability led them to live in Greeley although one in three travel outside the City for work. Being able to live “away from it all,” was identified as a common reason why people choose Greeley, even if a majority travel outside the community for culture and art activities or to purchase big ticket items.

The survey was intended to discover issues and identify where people are employed, where they shop and why they choose to live in Greeley. The City is undergoing what staff calls “significant growth” and the survey results can be used in long-range planning efforts and economic development activities. 54 percent of respondents have lived in Greeley for over 15 years, 21 percent for 5 – 15 years and 24 percent 0 to 5 years.

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