Colorado: Nine Potential Ballot issues

The Secretary of State is still reviewing signatures for five ballot initiatives that could be on the November ballot. If all five are approved, voters will see a total of nine questions on the ballot, all of which would amend Colorado’s constitution. Colorado is one of the easiest states in which to amend a constitution. Over the years a variety of amendments have been approved by voters, from limiting bear hunting to legalizing marijuana.

A coalition known as Raise the Bar seeks to make it harder to amend Colorado’s constitution by requiring future constitutional ballot initiative proponents to gather signatures across the state including at least two percent of all registered voters in each of Colorado’s 35 state senate districts. The proposal also requires approval from 55 percent of voters before a constitutional ballot amendment can be added to the constitution.

Raise the Bar submitted over 185,000 signatures for its initiative, “Requirements for initiated constitutional amendments,” which was just approved for the ballot yesterday by the Secretary of State. The Colorado Association of REALTORS, Metro Mayors Caucus and a variety of other business and professional organizations have endorsed the proposal. Note: As of now, four initiatives have already been approved for the Nov. 8 ballot — Colorado Cares (single payer health insurance), a minimum wage increase, medical aid in dying to allow terminally ill individuals to end their lives and the Raise the Bar initiative.

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