Longmont: Windy Gap Funding Survey

On August 9 the City Council decided to survey 3,0000 citizens to ask how the City should pay for Longmont’s share of Windy Gap water. There are multiple options available from paying cash to bonding. Each has its own set of pros and cons. The bonding option would be more expensive and requires a public vote but would leave the City with more cash for other projects. Paying cash means the City would incur no debt but would reduce reserves. Once the survey results have been tabulated, staff will return to the Council for more direction.

The City Council is elected to make public policy. Surveying residents on a complicated issue such as funding water infrastructure seems strange. One wonders if it is possible to provide enough information to form an educated opinion in a survey format. Will the Council feel beholden to the results of the survey or ignore it if they don’t like the majority opinion?


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