Larimer: Mental Health Measure Added to November Ballot

The Larimer County Commissioners voted to add a measure to the ballot asking voters to impose a quarter-cent sales tax to pay for a $20 million facility to house treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, and detoxification. If approved by voters, the tax (25 cents on a $100 purchase) would begin Jan. 1, 2017 and extend for 25 years. It would be used to pay for building, improving, maintaining and operating the 51,000-square-foot facility, which also would house associated support services. Supporters haven’t selected a site for the facility but it is likely it be somewhere between Fort Collins and Loveland.

One thought on “Larimer: Mental Health Measure Added to November Ballot

  1. This is of the utmost importance in Larimer County. As a foster parent I can attest first hand how difficult it is to find inpatient mental health treatment in Larimer County. My wife and I were forced to drive an hour and half one way to a facility that our foster son was treated at for a week… that is three hours every single day to see our kiddo because it Louisville was the only place that had a facility with adolescent beds available. There are kiddos in foster care that do not have a single visitor while they are receiving inpatient treatment for the very same reason. My wife and I are fortunate enough to have been able to be there for our kiddo… but others are not, because of their own lives, work, other kiddos, etc…
    I lost my father to suicide in 2009 and more friends and loved ones than I can count on two hands to the fatal side of mental illness. Larimer County most definitely needs a treatment facility. Not only mental illness, but substance abuse treatment will be addressed at this facility.This touches on the homelessness epidemic in Larimer County as well. This initiative is going to work on solving multiple problems within our community with one very small tax.
    IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IT PASSES IN NOVEMBER!!! I would love to thank the commissioners who put forth the effort on this initiative to ensure that it made it to the ballot… and to all of the supporters. Much love from this side of the world!!!

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