Dishin Up Statistics

Dishing up statistics

statsires-net2IRES serves its statistics in three fun flavors: take-out, pre-packaged, or home-cooked.  The take-out and pre-packaged stats require little to no work, but you must select from our menu.  The creative recipes are custom, allowing you to choose your ingredients.  Click Reports > Stat-Sales to view some options.

graphLet’s order take-out:      IRES serves up statistics each month and quarter. Regional Snapshots graphs will show you the number of sold listings, active listings, and median sales price. The tables will also include dollar volume, year-to-date information, average DOM, and comparisons to the previous year.

Zip Profiles allow you to choose a specific zip. These graphs include a map of the zip code area and the percentage of the zip in the county you chose. The CAR Housing Statistics give monthly number of sold listings by price and by DOM.  It also gives end-of-month totals for: active listings, sales volume, and types of financing.

These are great if you want some numbers at a glance, but you can only choose from what’s on the menu.

How about a pre-packaged dish?

The system generated reports are similar, but unlike the statistics above (which are static) these are live (the system updates them every day).  Sales by Listing Type will generate a report for the entire MLS with number of units and volume of sales by each listing type. Sales by MLS Area gives number of sold, sales volume, average and median price broken down by listing type for the area of your choice. The New and Sales by Listing Type will give you the numbers and percent difference from previous year for: number of new listings, sales, dollar volume, average and median prices.

Home-cooked options:

With custom statistics, you can choose any ingredients you want! Running custom statscustomstats allows you to gather information about your own listings, your office, or search the entire MLS for particular properties; click Reports > Stats > Custom.

The first tab you’ll see allows you to choose the report type; to view reporttypewhat each report offers, click the “Help” button on this page. Like a listing search, you will see basic criteria, features, and map search tabs where you can narrow your search criteria.  The last statistical option is an interactive statistics program called InfoSparks.  InfoSparks is so cool it has an article and class all of its own!

From the take-out and pre-packaged options to the homemade, we hope that you dive in and explore the statistics dishes on our menu.  Remember, you can always click the help button or check out the learning center for more guidance.  If you love dishin’ up statistics consider taking a Market Trends or InfoSparks class!


Claire Griebenow

By Claire Griebenow, Resource Specialist

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