Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to approve three recommendations made by an interviewing committee. After interviewing five of the seven Weld County commissioner candidates (Carl Erickson and Lynette Kilpatrick did not respond to repeated invitations), the committee unanimously voted to recommend the three incumbents: Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (District 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (District 3).

The incumbents have shown their leadership in transportation issues, creating coalitions to support improvements on US 34 and I-25 as well as the expansion of CR 49. They created the Bright Futures program to provide annual grants to Weld residents attending college, which they describe as a workforce initiative. Finally, they assert that the biggest obstacle to keeping housing affordable is excessive regulation. GARA has applied to CARPAC to make campaign donations to each endorsed candidate.

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