Berthoud: LBAR Endorses Mulvihill

Following the recommendation of the Government Affairs Committee, LBAR’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Steve Mulvihill for mayor of Berthoud and contribute to his campaign using local CARPAC funds. LBAR supports private property rights, economic development and good planning to preserve Berthoud’s future. Steve wants to protect the town’s infrastructure, support the downtown and help local businesses succeed. Growth, which Steve calls families, not rooftops, will make the town more vibrant and provide the revenues to provide services residents need.

The Government Affairs Committee was impressed with Steve’s background in the military and the corporate world. He is a leader with the skills to bring people together and ensure all voices are heard.  He will treat everyone with respect and ensure good communication between the town and its residents.

The special election to select a new mayor is a mail ballot election. Ballots are due to the Town Hall by 7 pm on August 9.

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