Free Seminar: Market Smarter With Tech Tools

ListHub is the door listings are sent through for display on up to 90+ websites offering you free, worldwide ss_ListHubadvertising (upon approval of the Managing Broker).
The ListHub experts are coming to Colorado to teach you about the latest trends in online marketing and the enhancements available to help you communicate more effectively with clients and convert more leads.
Highlights include:

* Review of the free features available in the ListHub dashboard to help you take control of your online marketing
* Learn about claiming your free profile

* Simple time-saving tools to win listings and get referrals
* Manage and respond to leads even faster, all from your mobile device
* Auto-email reports to engage clients and demonstrate the value only a real estate professional can provide

BONUS: Attendees have the chance to win a $250 visa gift card!


July 28th from 10-11AM at the IRES office

July 28th from 1-2PM at the IRES office

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