Loveland: Council Uses Federal Grants for Boyd Lake/34 Intersection

The City Council approved the use of two federal grants ($1.4 million) to improve the intersection of US 34 and Boyd Lake Road. The City previously allocated $1.8 million for the intersection in 2015. According to CDOT, the intersection was ranked as having the highest safety improvement need in the North Front Range.

The additional funding from the federal government will also allow for the construction of a subsequent phase of the ultimate improvement project, consisting of a roundabout at the Boyd Lake Avenue/Mountain Lion Drive intersection. This improvement, in conjunction with this summer’s McWhinney project to extend Mountain Lion Drive across the Boyd Lake Outlet Exchange Ditch (near Kohl’s), will provide a parallel east/west route to US 34, providing an alternate thoroughfare potentially removing traffic from US 34, as well as enhancing development opportunities for several vacant commercial parcels.

The design of the US34/Boyd Lake Intersection Project is being finalized. The City Council has requested a study session to discuss the details. Construction is anticipated to begin in September 2016.

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