Longmont: Builder Plans to Complete Blue Vista

David Gregg of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods (formerly known as Boulder Creek Builders) built Phase 1 of Blue Vista before Thistle defaulted on its loan in 2011. Now Gregg has the support of the Blue Vista homeowners to complete the project.

Gregg presented the conceptual design to the City Council last week, saying his company didn’t want to invest too much into the project until they knew the City’s reaction. While no formal position was taken by the Council, the response was unanimously positive and Gregg will begin taking the project through the development review process.

As proposed the project will include 170 small, single-family homes, which Gregg called “wee cottages” between 850 and 1,300 SF (three different models). 35 percent of the units will be deed restricted as opposed to the original PUD (51 percent). The rest will be what Gregg called “market affordable” at a price point aimed at buyers in the 80-100 percent AMI range. As Gregg noted, there are very few new homes on the market now that this income group can afford. The homes will be set back 10 feet from sidewalks with 8 feet in-between residences. Front and back yards will be maintained by the HOA.

Gregg intends to utilize energy efficiency features (possibly even solar) to keep utility costs down. He is also proposing compound metering to lower tap fees. He envisions a system similar to that used in townhome developments. If approved, this system will reduce the costs for the builder and also buyers.

Last year the Council turned down Oakwood Homes proposal for the site, which the Blue Vista homeowners opposed. Boulder Creek’s concept is innovative and interesting; Gregg was smart to get the homeowners’ buy-in before shopping the concept to Council.

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