DocuSign and Go!

DocuSignfacebookThe ease and speed of electronic signatures has transformed our business from ink to email. With the season heating up and paperwork needing to be signed, read on to discover DocuSign tips for new and advanced users.

First, if you haven’t done so yet, you can sign up for a DocuSign account here. REALTOR®s receive special pricing since DocuSign is NAR’s exclusive electronic signature provider.

Once you sign up, enter your DocuSign credentials in IRESis to take gearadvantage of the deep integration we have added which automatically adds all signature and initial tags for you. Click the gear icon at the top right and follow the simple instructions.

When you create your DocuSign envelope in IRESis, you will see an “Order” column. orderThis option allows you to choose who signs first, second, etc. For instance, if you would like to sign first, select 1 by your signature and 2 for your clients. In that case, once you sign, DocuSign will automatically send an email to your client.

otheractionsThe “Other Actions” menu in DocuSign is full of great features.

If your married clients share the same email address, click “Edit Recipients” to further authenticate their signature by adding a special Access code.  Enter a different code for each party, tell each party what their code is (over the phone, via text, etc.), and instruct them not to share it with their spouse. They will be prompted to enter that code into DocuSign before they can open their envelope and sign.

If you have additional forms your client needs to sign that are not within the IRES Contracts system (for instance, a company approved Mold Disclosure) click on “Edit Documents” to upload the form to the envelope. This allows you to include all the forms you need signed within one email. Very nice for your clients.

Keep in mind, if you manually upload forms you will need to manually add the signature more tagsand initial tags. But that’s very easy! Just choose the individual who needs to sign at the top left, then click and drag the signature tag to the correct location. Done!  Add initials, dates, title fields, in the same way, just click and drag onto the form.

On the road? The full IRES Contracts system and DocuSign capabilities are available on the IRES Tablet site, so go mobile at

Questions? Contact IRES!



Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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