Region: Study Will Identify Solutions for US 34

CDOT is preparing to hire a consultant to manage a planning and environmental linkage study (PEL) for the corridor from Glade Road to Weld County Road 49 east of Greeley. The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) approved funding for the study as requested by the US 34 Elected Officials Coalition: The highway has been impacted by increasing traffic, including trucks. According to CDOT, the I-25 interchange averages 51,000 vehicles a day. The goal of the PEL is to identify the safety and operational needs along US 34 and to determine the short-term and long-term transportation needs of the corridor.

In order to understand the interaction/impact of increasing traffic on US 34 and in the area the study will also include a more limited analysis of a north and a south parallel route.  The south parallel route starts at US 287 along SH 402 to Weld County Road 49.  The north parallel is Rocky Mountain Avenue along Crossroads Blvd to SH 257, then along the proposed connection of Crossroads Blvd and O Street to US 85.

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