Free Website Hooks: Be The Industry Expert


Referring potential clients to your website is a great way to connect. But what will they find when they get there? Will they be convinced to do business with you?  It’s more important than ever to offer a rich tool set on your website that presents you as the real estate expert and empowers consumers to do some digging of their own. Show that you are an industry expert with these professional, free, and easy-to-use tools from IRES.

Provide an Automated Home Value estimate. Allow consumers to do a quick query to see how much their home might be worth. The Realist ValueMap is powered by MLS listings and Realist public records to provide a more accurate valuation. Embed it on your site to increase stickiness and consumer interest.  See it in action on® and learn how to add it to your site.

Post live graphs about your specialty area. Embed an interactive graph so consumers can see what’s happening in your farm area, city, or even the entire Front Range. The graphs update automatically, directly from the MLS, so post it and be done. View an InfoSparks example graph and learn how.wordle

Listings on your website. Provide clients the ability to search for listings on your site by framing or hire an IDX website provider. Remember, ColoProperty now includes homes, condos and land from Southwestern Colorado and the Western Slope so your site could include properties from all around the state and the leads go to you. For more details, click here.

Offer a New Construction search tool. In addition to IDX, include a new home search tool on your site. Over half of all home buyers would consider buying a new home and, on average, agents earn a 41% higher commission selling them. The updated New Home Source product available to all IRES subscribers at no charge allows you to embed their new home search tool on your website and sends the leads to you. See an example site here and learn how to use it here.

Once you’ve captured a consumer’s email address through your website or other means, what then?  Create a prospect search in IRESis and set them up on MySite! Depending on their timeframe for buying, choose to send them listings monthly, weekly, daily or even instantly. MySite is the ultimate consumer hook, with ratings, notes, detailed listing information, and more, and includes client activity reports so you can stay in touch. See how clients use MySite.

REGISTER to take our new class Web Tools: Managing Your Online Presence and learn all about it. Or, feel free to contact IRES!

Niki Kozak
Niki Kozak
Product Manager


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