Colorado Association of Realtors: Construction Defect Reform Fails Again

In spite of a valiant effort by the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance (HOA), the group was unable to build the consensus needed to introduce a bill this year. The HOA, made up of business leaders, economic developers, metro mayors and affordable-housing advocates and CAR, gave up on talks after groups representing homeowners refused to allow condominium developers to influence votes on whether to file lawsuits over supposed defects. Attorneys for the Community Associations Institute refused to budge during last-minute negotiations.

CAI and other homeowners’ groups wanted to bar any representatives of builders from being able to vote on lawsuits, even if those builders or representatives were listed as owners of particular units. They also wanted a period of time before the vote where developers could not speak with unit owners to influence their vote.

Outgoing House Minority Leader Rep. Brian DelGrosso of Loveland voiced his frustration. He stated that the passage of bills like HB-1467 wasn’t enough to consider this session a victory for affordable housing. “We are never going to be able to address our full problem until we are able to get full construction-defects reform completed,” he said.

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