Loveland: Capital Expansion Fee Conversation Drags On

Since 2012 the Council has discussed changes to Capital Expansion Fees (CEFs) for new development. Council member Dave Clark noted that CEFs for a single-family home have increased 800 percent since 1984 when they were introduced. Clark said his home has only appreciated 300 percent since then. He continues to champion reducing fees for residential development. Council member Leah Johnson said she would like to see the CEFs lowered if it is possible. John Fogle argued the fees for commercial and industrial projects should remain stagnant but no one else voiced support for his opinion. Then the Mayor and Council bickered about whether the City should stick with the current fee structure or change to the plans based model proposed by staff. They made no decisions at this study session and it did not appear staff received the direction it needed. Expect to see this item on another agenda soon.

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