Boulder: Land Use Code Update

With Envision Longmont scheduled for adoption in June, an update to the Land Development Code (LDC) is being undertaken in 2016. The update will implement recommended actions of Envision Longmont and other related plans. The overall goal of the project is to update areas of the LDC so that it is consistent with current trends, creates opportunities for innovative and creative quality development, and represents the vision and collective interests and priorities of the community. Staff says the LDC should also allow for flexibility in process and standards so that the overall community goals and policies can be achieved efficiently in terms of time and resources. The update is being kicked off this month.

Longmont’s Development Manager, Joni Marsh said, “The City and other housing partners are looking at options for permanent supportive housing and updating existing mobile/manufacturing home regulations, in addition to creating incentives to encourage development of affordable housing in our community.”

Longmont is also in the process of developing a St. Vrain Blueprint plan for the St. Vrain Creek corridor that will work in tandem with and compliment the flood mitigation, habitat restoration, and recreational amenities planned with the Resilient St. Vrain. In addition to affordable housing, flood mitigation, and Resilient St. Vrain, specific areas that will be part of the LDC update include the following: sign regulations, use regulations, zoning districts, density standards, development standards and residential design standards.

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