Is The House Open?

OpenHouseires-net-no-buttonFrom the buyer’s perspective an Open House is an anonymous way to walk in, try on the place, and see if it fits without taking up someone else’s time by making an appointment.

And the numbers bear out their popularity. Since the first of this year, consumers have flocked to find Open Houses on® to the tune of 18,000 Open House views, or 6,000 per month. That’s quite a trend.

How can you capitalize on Open Houses to make them worth the time and effort this summer? Based on these numbers, we highly recommend you enter them into IRESis. The Open House screen is available when you add or edit your listing. A “Repeat” function is included so you can easily enter open houses on multiple days. Enter enticing remarks in the Comments section by telling buyers a bit more about the property, a drawing you will hold, snacks you will provide, etc.

Within the hour, we’ll send your Open House to®, highlighting it on your listing. In addition, it will display on MySite,®, and Zillow Group. We will also make your Open House available to all IDX downloaders and ListHub. All at no additional cost.


Buyers are prompted to search for Open Houses on the ColoProperty Home page, todaysopenhousethen we make it easy for them to drill down and find the ones they are interested in by providing easy search options.

Take advantage of a buyer’s desire for freedom and let them know when the house is open. This is free marketing and takes just a few minutes of your time. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact IRES.



By Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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