Why I Love Our Learning Center

Let’s face it—our IRES staff is the bomb. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of us, and sometimes we’re all tied up and temporarily unavailable. Never fear, for The Learning Center is here!

As all of our subscribers know, the IRES database is an extensive and multi-faceted tool, to say the least. As a new IRES employee, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the sheer vastness of the thing. The most important component of my development as an IRES Client Relations Specialist has far and away been the documents and videos found in The Learning Center. You can access the Learning Center through the Resources menu in IRESis.Learning Center

As a custom shop, IRES is constantly working toward making improvements and adjustments in our system, so as to best suit the needs of our subscribers. That includes the videos and documents provided in our Learning Center. Customer service representatives dedicate their time weekly to creating updated versions of our videos, so as to keep up with our system updates and streamline our instructions to make things as easy as possible for subscribers.

In these videos, step-by-step audio and visual instructions are provided for your benefit. You can literally follow along with the video to perform the task you need to complete in the IRES system! Plus, having video instruction makes it easy to pause the video at any time and come back to it if necessary.

Another awesome tool that is often overlooked by subscribers is the Help button. The Help button is customized for each page of the IRES system—in other words, the Help button on the Listing Search page will display helpful tips for Listing Searches, and the Help button on the Contracts page will display instructions for Contracts. This makes it easy for you to gain access to the help you need without having to navigate elsewhere.

Happy learning, IRES subscribers! As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.


Hannah Barnes


By Hannah Barnes, IRES Client Relations Specialist

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