Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update

The Homeownership Opportunity Alliance (HOA) of which CAR is a member, has not introduced its package of bills yet. Unfortunately, there are a few minor issues still being negotiated but the hope is to get the bill package introduced before the legislative session ends next week. The Legislative Police Committee voted to support conceptually one bill in the package that would appreciate unclaimed property trust fund money for use in affordable housing projects. This fund has $8 million currently.

SB-194 “Regional Transportation District Projects.” Cosponsored by Brian Del Grosso (Loveland). It would allow transportation projects to be funding using tax increment financing. The LPC described it “Another tool in the toolbox.” LPC Position – Support.
LPC – support

SB-207 “Limit Certain Contests Past Special District Elections” Sponsored by the Speaker of the House and Senate President. This bipartisan bill is in response to a court ruling on metro district financing. It prohibits contests of special district elections on the grounds that an elector was unqualified either to vote or to serve on a special district board of directors and otherwise validates such elections conducted prior to April 21, 2016, and on May 3, 2016. LPC Position – Support. See more on this topic, below.

HB-1450 “Allocate Additional Available State Revenues” This bill is predicated on the passage of HB-1420, the Hospital Provider Fee bill and is also sponsored by Hullinghorst. If the budget indicates that the State would have been expected to incur a TABOR refund obligation, then the bill transfers or allocates up to $155.7 million from the General Fund to various state functions including transportation, the severance tax trust fund and education for the next five years. LPC position – Support. This bill passed the House last Friday, primarily on a partisan vote with Democrats in support and a majority of Republican in opposition.

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