Colorado Association of Realtors: CAR Takes Positions on Two Ballot Measures

CAR’s Political Action Committee (CARPAC) voted to support Raise the Bar, an issues committee supporting a ballot measure “making it more difficult to amend the State Constitution than it is to amend State Statutes.” Raise the Bar has collected $131,000 to date, including a $25,000 donation from CARPAC.

At the same meeting, CARPAC voted to oppose Colorado Care’s proposal for universal health care, which has already been approved for the November ballot as Amendment 69. Under the proposal employers would pay a .6 percent payroll tax, employees would pay a .3 percent payroll tax and non-payroll income would be taxed at .9 percent. CARPAC voted to contribute $50,000 to the group opposing Amendment 69, Coloradans for Coloradans. That group has raised over $1 million so far.

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