Shine With InfoSparks

InfoSparksBlogInfoSparks creates fabulous statistics for any location you need including city, zip code, county or map shape. Choose your criteria then quickly create 10 different reports covering a broad range of needs.

The reports included will blow your mind:  New Listings, Actives, Under Contract, Sales, Days on Market…

wait for it, there’s more…

Months Supply, Median or Average Sales Price, Percentage of Original Price (yes, the actual original price), Dollar Volume and, something we’ve received many requests for: Price per SqFt.

Statistics are meant to be shared and InfoSparks shines here, too.

Once your report is ShareReportcreated, click the “Share” button to get the word out.

Then you’ll see these choices. We recommend you always choose the “Live” option so your statistics are refreshed every day from our system. Then, choose how you would like to share your graph:

  • Create a PDF file to print or email to your clients.ShareOptions2
  • Post the graph link on your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, wherever you have made your presence known.
  • Embed the graph on your website. Again, we suggest you use the interactive option so your graph updates each day with fresh information. Choose the size that best fits your site.
  • Download a CSV file to collect the raw data and create a graph of your own in Excel.

Once you’ve selected how you want to share simply click the “Share” button. Download your PDF, copy your social media link and paste it into your favorite site, or send the embed link to your web developer to post it on your website.

How much? No extra charge, it’s included in your IRES fees! Find it under the Reports Tab on IRESis. View our intro video below to get started today and give us a call with any questions.


Niki Kozak


Niki Kozak, Product Manager

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