Region: Local Match Needed for I-25 Grants

CDOT and North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) are scrambling to secure agreements from area governments to provide the required $25 million local match for the TIGER and FASTLANE grant applications. The grants would help fund a $230 million package of improvements to North I-25, including a third lane on I-25 from SH 14 to just north of Highway 402 and bridge replacements.

Larimer County and its municipalities already committed $10 million through the County’s road and bridge mill levy. Larimer and Weld counties, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor and Johnstown are being asked to make up an estimated $7 million shortfall in local match funding. To date, Fort Collins and Loveland have each agreed to contribute $2 million. Windsor and Johnstown’s boards have voted to provide $1 million, so the gap is decreasing. Although the grant applications are due this month, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will not announce the winners until later this fall.

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