Longmont: Council Wants Rail

The City Council passed a resolution proposed by Mayor Coombs and Councilmember Joan Peck asking RTD to complete the Northwest Rail Line as originally proposed in the FasTracks ballot initiative approved by voters in 2004. Longmont taxpayers have paid $39.5 million to RTD for FasTracks thus far. All the other FasTrack rail corridors have been constructed or are in progress except for the Boulder County Northwest Rail Line to Longmont.

According to the resolution, the Council believes that the improved economy justifies a reconsideration of RTD’s decision to focus on bus rapid transit instead of rail. Consequently, the Council passed the resolution to formally ask RTD to “review its financial situation and recommend a financing plan” to build out the Northwest Rail Line from 71st and Lowell in Westminster to 1st Avenue and Main Street in Longmont by 2026. The resolution is a symbolic measure without any authority.

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