Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update

The Home Ownership Alliance, of which CAR is a member, continues working on its construction defect legislation.  The bill sponsors are still considering various approaches and the Alliance isn’t ready to introduce its bill.

HB 1310 “Oil and Gas Operators Liable for Oil and Gas Operations” LPC Position – neutral. This badly worded bill makes energy operators liable for earthquakes and such without proof. It also amends statute to make operators liable for damage to a surface owner’s property. As defenders of property rights, CAR could not go on the record opposing the bill.

HB 1334 “Inclusionary Zoning in Unincorporated Areas” LPC Position – Oppose. This bill would give county commissioners the ability to impose inclusionary zoning in rural areas. Inclusionary zoning is defined as a program that requires a given share of housing units in a proposed development to be “priced in a way that is affordable for low and moderate income households.”

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