IDX: Listings On Your Website

IDXfacebook“How do I get IDX?” We hear this question quite often, so let’s review your options.

What is IDX?  It’s an acronym for Internet Data Exchange, which allows brokers to display listings from the MLS on their web site. Based on your budget, IDX can be a no-cost venture or a significant investment.

The Easy, No Cost Option: Framing®

If your budget is limited, you are just getting started, or you belong to multiple MLS’s and would rather not pay additional IDX fees, framing ColoProperty is a great property searchsolution. This allows you to add a fully featured MLS search page, including mapping, with just a small snippet of code which is very easy to implement. Framing allows you to get a great looking search at no additional cost. And all the leads will go to YOU, not the Listing Agent. All active listings are displayed, including listings with sub-statuses of Backup and First Right.

Since ColoProperty’s footprint includes listings from Vail, Grand Junction, Gunnison, and the Western Slope all the way down to the Four Corners, it means you are offering even more content to site visitors. View our ColoProperty Footprint video to see the details.  There are two options: Standard and Mountain. Sign up here.

 The More Expensive Option: Hire an IDX Provider

If you have the budget and want to invest more in your website, you can hire an IDX Website provider. This gives you freedom to choose your search and display screen designs since many providers have a variety of templates or they could create a unique design for you. In addition to active listings, you may also choose to include Pending and three years of Sold listings on your site. A list of developers who already receive IRES IDX listing data is available on

For more detail, review a visual comparison chart of each of your options. We also have a resource page that ranks the Difficulty and Expense.    Either way you choose to go, IRES is happy to assist you with your IDX option of choice. Call us at 800.596.4901 with your questions.


Niki Kozak


By Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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