The Not-so-FAST Act Update

The FAST Act, a five-year $300 billion transportation funding bill, was signed into late on December 4, 2015. Unfortunately, the bill is so complex that the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration will need more time to issue guidance and rules explaining how the States can apply for and use the money.

CDOT officials say Colorado will receive about $50 million more a year however they caution that this is not a large cash infusion. In addition to highway funding the bill includes some silly provisions, for example, the FAST Act could be used to pay for improvements to “functional” landscaping and bicycle shelters. On the positive side, the Act includes accelerated decision making in environmental reviews, which will save states time and money in federally required permits. CDOT officials hope the necessary rules and guidance will be finalized in two to three more months.

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