Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update

At Realtor Day, Feb. 10, Speaker of the House Dickie Lee Hullinghorst said she is talking with the sponsors and trying to find a compromise on the yet to be introduced construction defects bill. The Speaker opposed the bill the last two times it was introduced, so this is good news.

The LPC took the following positions at its Feb. 5 meeting:
SB 82: “HOA Whistleblower Protection” LPC Position – Oppose. Sen. Morgan Carroll of Aurora, a longtime HOA adversary, sponsors the bill. It prohibits a homeowners’ association or “other person” from retaliating or discriminating against a homeowner who files a complaint; otherwise acts in furtherance of a complaint, report, or investigation of an alleged violation. The LPC saw this as related to construction defect issues and determined the bill was unnecessary.

HB 1141 “Radon Exposure in Buildings” LPC Position – Monitor. Sponsored by Boulder’s KC Becker, the bill would create a statewide educational effort for homeowners and Realtors regarding the dangers of radon, an effort that is supported by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It would not require any new actions or disclosures for Realtors. It would create a radon remediation assistance program for low-income residents.

HB 1108 “Residential Real Estate Disclose Large Plant Grow” LPC Position – Oppose. This bill would require homeowners to disclose if pesticides were used in the cultivation of six or more plants (read marijuana). As expected, this bill was postponed indefinitely, i.e., killed, earlier this month.

HB 1020 “No Drones Near Airports or Jails” LPC Position – Oppose.  Co-sponsored by Greeley Senator John Cooke, this bill would prohibit the use of drones near airports or jails. This bill would duplicate federal regulations and stop REALTORS from using drones to market properties.  The bill was postponed indefinitely in late January.

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