Loveland: Changes in Store for As-Built Policy

Several years ago LBAR successfully convinced the City of Loveland to adopt an “as-built” policy to allow homeowners with unpermitted basements and additions to get the work permitted after the fact. However, new Chief Building Official John Schumacher has suggested some changes to the program.

Apparently some contractors have been charging exorbitant fees to sign off on as-built work. In addition, homeowners are having a difficult time finding contractors to inspect and sign off on the work in a timely manner.

Schumacher is proposing that City inspectors review the as-built work and sign off on it, eliminating the need for affidavits from contractors. Schumacher says the City can offer next-day inspections, which will make the process of legalizing as-built work much quicker. Homeowners will still have to pay for the building permit, as they do today, but can avoid the fees charged by contractors.

The Construction Advisory Board (CAB) will consider the revisions to the program on Jan. 27. Assuming the CAB approves, the changes are scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 15.

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