Greeley: Ambitious Work Plan for 2016

City Manager Roy Otto unveiled his 2016 work plan on Jan. 26. Included in the plan is a list of 15 citywide initiatives, some of which are of interest to our industry. Of note is the Comp Plan Phase 1. The comprehensive plan establishes a vision for future growth in the City. Otto said Phase 1 focuses on community engagement. The entire comp plan revision will take two years to complete.

Other projects include:
The creation of a real estate asset management plan to coordinate the City’s leases and other agreements associated with City-owned property, mineral rights and coordinate the process for purchasing property and right of ways.

The downtown hotel and conference center. A partner has been selected and Otto said the development agreement will be signed and work will begin this year.

The City will also research regional broadband. This concept has been discussed by local governments and would likely utilize fiber optic infrastructure that is already in place thanks to the Platte River Power Authority.

The Water Efficiency Tactical Team (WETT) will continue its efforts to implement the water conservation plan and work towards the approval and implementation of a new landscaping code.

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