Colorado: State of the State

Governor Hickenlooper’s State of the State speech on Jan. 14 touched on many issues of interest to those of us in the real estate industry. The Governor asked for legislation to fund water projects included in the Colorado Water Plan. He also said we must invest in transportation to ease congestion and increase mobility, specifically mentioning I-25. This push for new funding sources earned him the first standing ovation of the speech.

Hickenlooper also said our housing capacity is lacking and urged the legislature to revisit the construction defects issue. Admitting it’s a complicated issue, he said it’s too important to give up and that a statewide solution is needed.

The Governor spoke at length about the constitutional and budgetary challenges  facing our state. He pointed to the $20 million cut in higher education due to conflicting budget mandates. Hickenlooper ended his speech by saying our conflicting constitutional requirements undermine democracy and called for collaboration and a bipartisan effort. “Compromise leads to progress,” he said.

Note: The Governor announced the construction of a new national cyber security center in Colorado Springs. This is a much-needed project and will stimulate the economy in a city that needs it, bringing new jobs and new clients for our industry.

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