Berthoud: Two Taxes on April Ballot

The Berthoud Trustees asked staff to add two tax proposals to the April 5th municipal ballot. The first proposal would create a 3 percent lodging tax on rooms rented in Berthoud for less than 30 consecutive days. Staff says hotels and lodges stress the town’s infrastructure and the tax will help defray those impacts. This item was prepared at the request of the Trustees because the Town anticipates expanded lodging services will be developed within the Town’s boundaries in the future.

The second proposed tax is the continuance of the existing police services mill levy (3 mills). The mill levy was passed by voters in 2006 and expires this year. Approval of the question in April would make the tax permanent. The Town currently uses the revenue from the mill levy to pay for the police services it contracts with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

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