Berthoud: Candidate List Finalized for Election

On April 5 Berthoud voters will select a new mayor and four new trustees. The Board consists of a mayor and six trustees. Only (retired Realtor) Pete Cowdin has announced for mayor but there are nine candidates for four trustee seats.

Three of the winning candidates will serve four-year terms and one will serve a two-year term. The candidates include (former trustee) Jeff Hindman, William Karspeck, Kevin Pischke, Patrick Dillon, Brian Young Kelly Dunkelberger, Lorna Green. Richard Shepard (a former trustee who was appointed to fill Mike Henning’s seat in November 2015) and Brian Laak.

Current trustees Jennifer Baker and Chris Buckridge serve terms that expire in 2018. This election is crucial because it will change a majority of seats on the Board.

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