Taking Stock At IRES

TakeStockfacebookIRES has taken stock of where we’ve been and where we are going in the New Year. We found some fascinating information as we looked back at 2015 and wanted to share a few tidbits because when we win, you win.

Leads from ColoProperty.com®
With a new map search and 9,000 Southwestern Colorado listings added, our public listing site is a bigger lead generator than ever. In 2015, ColoProperty.com® delivered 7,418 leads, up 39% from last year! We are thrilled to send Listing Agents that many free leads. Take a look at a broad view of our current Colorado coverage area on the right.

Listings Here and Beyond
Listings entered into IRESis were marketed worldwide with 9 million views on ColoProperty.com® and 5.7 million views on MySite. 162K listings were saved as a Favorite on MySite and 52K were saved on ColoProperty. Though Zillow had more listing views at 14.3 million, they only produced 2,827 leads for your listings, according to ListTrac tallies.

Our IRESis Contracts system continues to crank out huge numbers of Contracts and Forms. In 2015, 4,048 brokers created 330,000 forms in our system. Wow. Congratulations on making use of our free, easy-to-use system.

Many large and small offices are taking advantage of the free IRESis Showings System. 124,000 showings were entered into the IRESis Showings system in 2015 for Residential and Attached Dwelling listings. That is a lot of traipsing around and showing off properties. Kudos to you!

Sold Property
Overall, New Listings and Sold counts remained steady compared to 2014 with 28,000 listings entered and 22,600 sold in 2015. $7.8 billion dollars worth of sold property was processed through our MLS system in 2015, an increase from 6.7 billion in 2014. Those are impressive numbers.

We hope you enjoyed seeing how ColoProperty.com® and IRESis are working for you. We are very excited to see how you are taking advantage of tools we offer. Here’s to another year of successful business!


Niki Kozak


By Niki Kozak, Product Manager

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