Fort Collins: Council to Consider Rental Licensing – Again

Mayor Pro Tem Gerry Horak has advocated for a discussion regarding rental licensing in order to address health and safety issues and landlord accountability in Fort Collins. The concept was considered but not implemented 10 years ago. As is the case in many college towns, rental properties comprise 45 percent of housing stock. Proponents say licensing, coupled with property inspections, could ensure the City is able to contact landlords when complaints are made about their tenants or properties and require properties to meet safety and health standards.

Ginny Sawyer, from the City Manager’s Office, told the FCBR Government Affairs Committee, that the goal of the discussion on Feb. 9 is to find out what Council perceives as the problem and how rental licensing would be a solution. The REALTORS suggested rental licensing would only add to the cost of rental housing and could lead to additional requirements for landlords, such as energy efficiency mandates. They also suggested incentives would be more successful and argued that if tenant behavior is the problem, then a tenant registry might be a better idea.

The Committee will not suggest a formal position to FCBR’s Board of Directors unless the Council decides to move forward with an actual ordinance.  Even then, the Committee would want to review the draft ordinance first. The decision to proceed with an ordinance could be made by Council on the 9th. Note: Boulder is the only city in Northern Colorado that currently requires rental licensing.

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