Fort Collins: Climate Action Plan Is A Priority

The goal of the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 but staff admits they don’t have a clear picture of “what that is yet.” According to staff calculations, the City has only reduced its emissions by 2.5 percent to-date.

Even if the CAP is nebulous on ultimate goals and how to achieve them, what we do know is that the City is making the CAP a big priority. Staff teams are working to implement CAP goals within a variety of programs that will affect City policy on many fronts, including energy efficiency, multi-modal transportation planning and development, road to zero waste, water and land use. However, there is one tangible benefit for property owners available now.

The City currently offers on bill financing so homeowners can increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon output. Through the high-efficiency loan program, residents are eligible for loans to pay for solar, add a high-efficiency furnace or purchase new windows. Owners make payments via their monthly utility bills. The loans have a 20-year time span and require repayment at the point of sale. More information is available here:

FCBR’s primary concern, according to CEO Clint Skutchan, is how the CAP will affect housing affordability. Economic Health Director Josh Birks said staff shares this concern. He admitted they don’t have all the solutions yet, but emphasized the need to balance cost and effect.

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