Colorado Legislators Fight For Transportation Projects

Congressman Jared Polis tried to amend the long-term transportation bill recently passed by the House of Representatives to give I-25 “high priority corridor” status. This would have given the highway preference in consideration for funding under the newly created Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects program. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his effort.

Polis was able to secure that designation for I-70 (between Denver and Salt Lake City). Polis staffer Jamie Grimm made the announcement and said, “We will continue fighting for N I-25 and transportation funding!”

Earlier this summer Senator Cory Gardner did amend the Senate’s version of the bill to add funding for I-25. Now the House and the Senate have created a conference committee to negotiate a final version of the bill palatable to both chambers. We don’t know which interstates will receive preference for funding in the final version of the bill, but at least we know our legislators are doing everything they can to support Colorado projects.

Note: NAR lobbyists say the final version of the bill will most closely resemble the House version. In addition, NAR’s Call for Action was successful. The House voted 354 to 72 to approve an amendment to remove the extended G-Fee (charged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) from the highway bill.

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