Oct 15th Data Sharing Update

UpdateDatashareWe are pleased to report that data share will continue between IRES and REcolorado.

Be assured that we continue to work towards a new, mutually agreeable solution. Thank you to all for your support and patience during this set back. It is our hope that both entities can work together to provide a lengthier history of sold data moving forward.

We welcome your feedback and comments. Feel free to post them below.

12 thoughts on “Oct 15th Data Sharing Update

  1. Please, please, please at least one year of sold data. As an appraiser, three years would be ideal to get a better idea of trends and find prior sales of properties.

  2. I second what Stacie says. You both cater to brokers and APPRAISERS and we (appraisers) cannot do our job with 6 months of history. I have had to purchase a membership with REColorado and now I have to merge data between you two which is taking up more time. More time equals less money and a delay in getting the report back. We all want to work together and I know in these crazy times the quicker the appraisal report is in the better for everyone!

    Dealing with IRES customer service reps is light years ahead of dealing with REColorado. Also, I’m not sure if it is that I have used IRES exclusively since 2005 but I find IRES very user friendly, not so with REColorado.

    I’ll eat my membership dues and a few months of fees but it would be worth it to only have to deal with one MLS . . . my preferred one!

    1. Jamie I couldn’t possibly agree with you more about ONE MLS. In theory we own the MLS (both of them) since we pay for them and their sole reason for existing is as a business tool for real estate brokers and appraisers. IRES and REColorado are examples of the extremes of what an MLS should be: one is accountable, state of the art and ever improving and the other seems to be some self-perpetuating bureaucracy and cash cow that delivers a product that would have to improve to be mediocre and thinks they are in the turf war business instead of the real estate support business.

  3. Thank you IRES MLS. You showed some real class even if it required some “dumbing down” of the system to meet REColorado’s specious claims and demands. They fooled no one. Keep up the good work!!!


    John Simons

  4. Please, please, please help REColorado understand the need for more than 3 years worth of data. I’ve been able to use prior listing and sales records to research things on homes that I’m selling and sometimes it can be very helpful in the case of major additions or changes to the property (like flips). Their system is very cumbersome and it is quite tedious to find the info that IRES lays out so beautifully. IRES listings provide more content and I’ll continue to use this as my primary MLS, but hopefully I can drop the added expense of REColorado in the near future. I find it ironic that they so prominently state “REALTOR OWNED” on their website, when they are clearly NOT working in the best interests of those who own them! Keep up the negotiations, please.

  5. It’s imperative that we have data stretching longer than 6 months back. The more data available, the better we can do our job!!

  6. This is some progress but I believe there’s a much bigger issue that needs to be tackled here: why do we need 2 MLS systems when one superior one would would help all of us in the business, be cheaper vs. subscribing to both systems, and give the consumer facing website more relevance to the public instead to having them turn to Zillow?

    Richard Luna

    1. REColorado is the cash cow for the multiple Denver area boards. It is a for profit operation. The Denver Boards are gong to do NOTHING that they think will diminish that cash flow and in fact will circle the wagons, as they have, if they perceive a threat as they did and do with IRES. REColorado leadership comes from the south end so they really could not care less about what’s happening in NoCo. My guess is that they will continue these kinds of maneuvers as IRES does things better and grows and REColorado becomes more and more obsolete. There will need to be a groundswell of opposition to these kinds of tactics. And it must start with the NoCo brokers. As long as there isn’t any pushback, REColorado will continue pull these stunts because they can.

  7. Open response to the RE Colorado posting that Data Sharing is to Continue . . .

    About time . . . too long, painful, and unprofessional of a process, and most unfortunate
    to work backward to the 2003 agreement and away from the 8 year working agreement
    and cooperation started in 2007.

    Now . . . move forward ASAP!!! Please find a way to share ALL DATA, and as much
    HISTORY as possible. The data is mostly public and accessible through many, many
    avenues. Please remember that your customer is the Realtor/Appraiser community
    and we are looking to COOPERATE, and DEMAND tools and resources that provide
    the best, fastest, most complete INFORMATION compiled from the widely available
    data related to real estate. Please understand we as Realtors need to have better,
    faster, easier resources to enable our ability to provide INFORMATION and VALUE
    to the end consumer that is better than what is generally/publicly available.

    Please move forward in every way possible, as quickly as possible to gather, combine,
    refine, analyze, and report on as much data from every possible source in the most
    compelling fashion to enable Realtors to provide the very best, accurate, and complete
    information to the homeowners in our area. Perhaps we (Realtors) should be embracing,
    scraping, linking, comparing, and leveraging sources like Zillow/Trulia. Perhaps doing so
    side-by-side with the “real information” we could expose the problems or learn to provide
    better answers?

    Please compete on the quality, speed, ease of use, ease of integration, and most
    informative tools possible! And please stop the petty fight over the amount, volume,
    history of data. More data, more history, more facts, more statistic, more trending,
    more resources are key to the long term success of all of the Real Estate professionals
    and more importantly serve the needs of the consumer. I can and have subscribed
    to many Colorado MLS systems for many years . . . however I grow very tired of the
    needless duplicate effort to gather, compare, and merge data beyond the scope of the
    systems to compile a complete information picture for the benefit of the consumer.
    Will the MLS systems answer the call/demand for the “best” solution . . . or will another
    creative, opportunistic entity provide a better resource sooner??

    We are licensed by the state of Colorado, not tiny regions . . . and we live in an
    age of every increasing reach and speed of access, mobility, and interchange of both
    information and people. Some agents will choose to work in a small localized area,
    however I for one am a Colorado native, know people and places that span a very
    large territory within the state . . . and on many occasions I have started to assist
    a consumer in one area and ended the successful real estate search and transaction
    in a very different location.

    The best most appealing market is not, and should not be defined by geography or
    arbitrary fences imposed by a service provider such as an MLS system. I would strongly
    suggest the language of “unfair advantage” and intentionally “protecting (hiding)
    information” about a portion/subset of the market is contrary to the ethics of avoiding
    the notions of redlining, steering ,or possibly not helping the consumer find/know
    about all options they can choose from. It is a multi-directional flow . . . some will
    move from Denver to Boulder or Ft Collins, while other will move toward Denver . . .
    highly subjective . . . let the consumer decide based on the best, most complete facts.

    We need to push toward a day very, very soon . . . that all real estate data is equally
    and universally available to all licensed Real Estate professionals! Please share,
    cooperate, and empower to create many great systems and professionals, and please
    avoid creating artificial limitations and inadequacies. More power and success to the
    entity that can supply the best data access, resources, information, and tools to enable
    the Real Estate Professionals working for the benefit of the Colorado homeowners . . .
    everywhere in the state.


    Thanks, Robert

  8. Thanks, IRES, for always supporting your users so that we in turn can provide our very best service to our customers and clients! And thanks, too, for a wonderful system.

  9. Been with IRES since Mistro(20+ years), please come up with something soon. I have always liked the IRES Search features and ease of operation.

  10. Definitely need more than 6 months worth of date. We need at a minimum 2 years worth of sold date in order to determine property value trends (year over year analysis) as well as accurately fill out the 1004MC. Any way to speed up these negotiations on this matter???

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