Draft 2040 Transportation Plan Available for Comment

The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) has released its draft 2040 Transportation Plan (RTP). The region is required to update its plan every four years because it’s a non-attainment area for ozone and Fort Collins and Greeley have moderate levels of carbon monoxide.

The RTP is essentially a bureaucratic requirement but it does include some interesting information if one delves through the 300 plus pages of the document. For example, the average daily traffic volume on I-25 is 45,000. Highway 34 averages 20,000 to 45,000, as do parts of Highway 287. So our area includes some high traffic volumes on key regional highways.

Also of interest is the transit data. According to the RTP transit accounts for less than one percent of work-related and other trips. Transit revenues don’t even come close to meeting operational costs for any of our local transit agencies but federal funding for transit far outstrips money for roads. According to the plan, the region will receive $71.7 million for roads and $154 million for transit between now and 2040.

The NFRMPO’s Planning Council lists I-25 as a priority corridor due to its north-south connections serving the entire region. Based on projected funding, the MPO hopes to widen a four-mile stretch of I-25 between State Highway 14 and Harmony Road by 2040.

The 2040 plan is available here: http://www.nfrmpo.org/Projects/2040RTP.aspx. The public comment period ends on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

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