Loveland: City Improving Development Review Process

Bob Paulsen, Loveland’s Current Planning Manager, says the City has made changes to its development review systems following the economic downturn. The City is making its system more user-friendly by implementing an electronic submittal system, saving customers time and money. In addition, customers now have one planner as their main contact throughout the process to improve communication. An independent consultant will report input from customers who’ve recently had projects under review. Staff has also conducted focus groups with builders and developers.

The staff is proud of its new property information system, which allows anyone to go online and find information about new developments. The system provides a parcel’s zoning, subdivision, special reviews, PUD documents and other information of interest to the public, developers and businesses.

The staff is also excited about the new development center that will open in 2016 at 410 E. 5th street. It will offer customers a one-stop shop with staff from Development Services, Building, Planning, Transportation, Human Services and Fire all located in the same building.

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