IRES MLS Goes Southwest

Have you seen the beauty of southwestern Colorado lately? From the mountain majesty of Ouray to the expansive mesas of Four Corners, it is breathtaking.

We are very proud to announce that ColoProperty.com® is the new public listing site for the CREN MLS, which serves this beautiful area of our great state.

CREN (Colorado Real Estate Network) brings an additional 9,000 active listings to ColoProperty.com® – from south of Grand Junction, east of Gunnison, west to San Luis, to the Four Corners region.

CREN chose IRES as their public listing provider because of our impressive lead generation.

ColoProperty.com® creates more leads for Northern Colorado listings than any other site, including Zillow. We aim to do the same for Southern Colorado.

What’s in it for IRES subscribers?
More listings on ColoProperty.com® means more traffic which equals higher rankings with Google and therefore, more exposure for your listings. This expanded footprint for Coloproperty.com® – your marketing partner – is a win-win for everyone.

Features on the site are unchanged, with the same top notch search and display capabilities. However, now when consumers search for homes in Southwest Colorado, such as Montrose or Durango, they will be treated to the entire inventory instead of a select few properties.

Note that CREN listings will display on ColoProperty.com® only, not IRESis.com. If a client contacts you about a SoCo property, feel free to contact the Listing Agent for more listing details and compensation

We look forward to ColoProperty’s traffic and popularity increasing to benefit our brokers, buyers and sellers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IRES.

By Niki Moran, Product Manager

CREN MLS Southern Colorado listings added

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