Greeley: Casseday to Run for Re-Election

Robb Casseday, one of Greeley’s two at-large City Councilors, will run for a second term. He was appointed in February 2011 to finish Maria Seacrest’s term. He won the seat again in November 2011 so he is eligible for another term. His priorities are street repair and infrastructure funding. He is also focused on the City’s image campaign (Greeley Unexpected and the City’s K-12 education initiatives.

In addition to Casseday’s at-large seat, voters will also elect a mayor and a representative for Ward 1 this November. Mayor Tom Norton has already announced his decision to run for a third and final term. Patrick Wardell, who also ran in 2013, will challenge him. Rochelle Galindo has announced for the Ward 1 seat. Candidate petitions must be turned in by August 24 so the list of candidates may grow.

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