Hidden Gems in IRESis Contracts

Hidden Gems in IRES MLS ContractsDue to the enormous popularity of the IRESis Contracts system, we thought you might appreciate a few tips to make your contract writing easier. Many agents and offices are surprised to hear about these hidden gems!

Agent Templates

Save standard wording, field selections and office clauses that you can use on new contracts over and over again. Simply choose the template you need when selecting your contract and all your saved defaults are applied automatically. With no limit on the number of templates you can save and the ability to choose a default template for each form, this is a big time saver. Watch the video!

Date Helper

Within your template, use the Date Helper to set up date dependencies for your Dates and Deadlines section. Tell the system to calculate your deadlines based on the Acceptance date, and with a click of a button, you are done! It your date falls on a weekend, you can easily change it to Friday or Monday. Watch the video!


Going on vacation this summer? Allow another broker in your office to view your Contracts and handle your transactions while you are off creating fun memories.

For Managing Brokers

Office Templates

All agents in your office can use the office templates you create. You can even choose a default template for each contract that will be automatically selected every time that contract is created. Office template defaults override Agent template defaults.
Office Clauses: Enter your office clauses so agents can simply click a button to insert them into their contracts.

The “Agent’s Transactions” report allows you to see the PDF files of each contract written in your office.

These time-saving gems are located on the Settings screen in ContraSettingscts. Click the gear icon at the top right and you have arrived. If you need assistance with any of these features, feel free contact IRES.

By Niki Moran, Product Manager

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