Showing Off Our Showings System

Big or small, all offices receive showing requests and need to track appointments, request showing feedback, and run reports.   If you don’t have a solution in place that can handle all of the above, look no further.  The IRESis Showings module can do all of that for you and more.

But how much does it cost? 

As with most IRES features, it is included in your monthly fee already — there is no additional cost — plus we provide free, in-person training at your office for staff and brokers.

What’s included? 

Display the “Request Showings Online” link on your listings, so brokers can request a showing any time, day or night. Receive those requests via email or through the system, whichever process best fits your needs.

Once a request is received, our Message Center gives you the ability to text or email occupants and the showing broker until details are worked out.  Sentrilock is integrated so you can easily assign One Day codes, if needed, and a Current Tasks screen acts as your To Do list to help you stay on top of each appointment until the showing is done.

To save you time and effort, the system automatically emails a feedback request to the showing broker right before the appointment so it’s waiting in their Inbox when the showing is over. As soon as the Feedback form is completed, we’ll email it to you and also store it in the system so you can run a full Feedback report later on.

Anything else?

If the price changes or a contract falls through, easily email all of the previous showing agents so they can share that information with their clients. Nine different reports are available that range from an individual showing audit trail, your top ten listings, appointment summaries, comparable showings, and more.

And, of course, this system is integrated with MLS listings and broker contact information direct from the source for top notch accuracy, all of it wrapped up in our famously easy to use screens.

How do I take a look?

Start with our convenient online Learning Center under the Resources menu on for an overview.  Click on the “Sell a Property” tab and look for the Showings System section.  We even have online training for your admin staff!   Or give IRES a call at 800-596-4901. We’d love to answer your questions or schedule office training to help you get on board!

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