New! Sentrilock Bluetooth Enabled

headerThe Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox maintains the same functionality as all previous generations, however, it now communicates directly with a smartphone or tablet for increased convenience and security. It operates the exact same way as the previous generations of the REALTOR® Lockboxes when using a SentriCard®, however, when using the SentriSmart™ mobile app, more features are available than ever before.

New Features:

  • The key compartment can be opened using the SentriSmart™ mobile app. No additional Mobile Access Code has to be entered on the lockbox and no cell coverage is required to open it with the mobile app.
  • Instant notification to the listing agent of the opening of the Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox with the mobile app.
  • The shackle can be released with the SentriSmart™ mobile app for boxes you own.
  • Take ownership of the lockbox and load your personal lockbox settings with the SentriSmart™ mobile app.

How Much?

The Exchange Program provides a $20 discount. Trade in an old Sentrilock box get the Bluetooth boxes for $75. Without a trade in, the cost is $95 + tax.

How Do You Order?


Come to the Sentrilock Refresh Class and get a three-in-one deal: Trade in your old lockboxes for the brand new Bluetooth enabled boxes at the discounted rate, learn about the new lockboxes from Sentrilock experts for 1 CE credit, and grab a snack.

Click to Register for class:

If you cannot attend a class, contact IRES: 800-596-4901 or email us at

Install the free mobile app

Apple App Store
Google Play

Instructional Video for Mobile App and Bluetooth Boxes

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